About the author

Matthew Stone, born as Loren Matthew Southern, is a hip, happening, “with it” twenty something with all the pizaz of a pop idol and all the relevancy of a rock star…. At least, that’s what he intends to convince his 16 month old daughter of when she’s older.

Matt was once married for 32 days (true story)- he was then single for 5 months before he subsequently found himself together with his ex-wife again. He claims that “Life’s just a little funny like that”.

Matt acts his shoe size (13) not his age- He loves to laugh. He also enjoys pretending that he can cook, feigning maturity so he can hold down a real job, poking rabbits with sausages and singing softly to the bushes in the garden.

He is Australian born and bred and despite being well spoken is a professional bogan impersonator (Really, wait til you hear his bogan accent).

Matt is a father, a husband, part time sex god and professional lion tamer.

He also accepts donations for awesome.



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