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Fuck you Facebook Game Requests.

With your minor inconvenience to my life when you’re displayed as a tiny red bubble notification on my little blue globe- making me feel important and what not only to find out that I’ve been part of the smallest most annoying scam ever.

Shame on you.

But worse- shame on the people who so endlessly and persistently send request after request after request. Did my first non compliance not make my stance on these activities clear? What about my twentieth, my fiftieth and my hundredth?

You know sometimes these are okay- I mean I love a good game of Texas Hold Em and don’t mind a little notification saying someone’s sent me a chip gift- booyah to that! But it’s Farmville my friends. Mother fucking Farmville. Oh- and Mafiawars. Honestly- why the fuck would I want to spend my time planting a garden- waiting five minutes for fucking corn to grow, harvesting it and revisiting that process again and again and again? Why?

Oh- let us mention the fact that these bastards want me to pay REAL WORLD money for their fake corn. You know what- i’ll buy a thousand farm dollars for 59.99 if you’ll send me a fucking box of corn to my house ALONG with my fake corn in the game you scamming assholes.

Facebook Game Requests?

Fuck yo’ self.