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If I can use an abbreviation of my own to express my feelings toward this?

WTAFF – Or: What the actual fuckity fuck?

Least of all- let us touch on this generations inane obsession with shortening everything to a useless acronym. Has humanity evolved (De-volved?) into such useless beasts that we can no longer extrapolate into full length words? Is 5 syllables really THAT much more effort than two? Come on people!

But my real issue with YOLO doesn’t revolve around the useless lazy bastards who coined the ass-tard phrase. My issue revolves around the degenerates who regularly pass it about like some kind of mental masturbatory baton from one non-intellectual to another.

Is it mere coincidence that the most frequent users of this acronym are the very same individuals caught under age drinking? Caught filming their sex acts on iPhones? Caught passed out with their underwear around their ankles, with the burning question (and itching sensation) on their mind of “Which of the ten guys I kissed was that one?”.

Is YOLO this generations excuse to be mentally absent and morally ambiguous?

Alright- say we DO forgive the above as “They’re young, it’s just a phase”- what about this acronyms over use on Tumblr? Re-blogged that many times it fails to be comprehended by the imagination. Pasted in every corner, dribbled over by the socially inept, withdrawn, husks of life whose REAL acronym should perhaps be YOFAOTI or “Your Only Friends Are On The Internet”.

You CANNOT and ARE NOT allowed to use the ass-tard phrase of YOLO unless you’re actually LIVING your life. Even then, please, please don’t abuse what I’m sure the handicapped creator meant when he said it- don’t use it as an excuse to be young, dumb and fuck happy. Use it as a positive means of creating big things in your life that will only lead to bigger things.

Or just stop using the fucking acronym.